Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hi from Jen and a love affair with Filofax :-)

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first blog!

I am not the most creative and innovative person is the world but I am trying. I 'borrow' others ideas and re-vamp them to make them my own.
Now I am using these inspirational ideas to help me become more organised. I am a teacher by trade (so very much into being organised in general) but have never been too good at being organised in my home life. So, now that I'm currently a SAHM with my 14 month old daughter with another on the way in March, my aim is to be organised and have fun doing it! Hence the filofax!

I have always loved writing in a diary planner since I was at school. You could decorate and personalise it any way you wanted. I also found I remembered things better when I wrote them down too rather than just typing on my iPhone iCal app. So I decided it was time to go back to what I know works for me.
So off I went to my local Officeworks - and boy was I lucky! Not only did they have personal and A5 style Filofaxes on clearance for $79 but they were also marked down FURTHER to $5 EACH! So I went crazy and splurged a whole $15 on 2 x A5 Dominos (one black and one maroon) and 1 x red Metropol.
I then went straight to work pimping my filos out with washi, stickers and craft paper and I couldn't be happier! I went on You Tube and found some great 'inspiration' (aka. stole some ideas) from other wonderful filofax users to help me with how I wanted to plan and it has been a love affair ever since.

During my many You Tube visits I fell in love with the aqua personal Malden and with much pleading from my husband I got one from (and this one was NOT $5!) With the price of this baby it was my early Christmas and 30th birthday present all wrapped into one. After using it for about 3 weeks now I must say it was sooooo worth it! So soft and beautiful this little beauty doubles as my wallet and planner in one.
My A5 maroon Domino I use as my home management system. I love the size of the A5 and it holds so much. I am not a great lover of the Domino design, but for $5 how can I complain!
The black A5 and the personal red Metropol I am currently using to store extra paper and inserts etc. which is working well too.
I will write up a blog this week detailing how I use my personal Malden and A5 Domino as my wallet/planner and home management system with corresponding pictures. I have already put a video up in the mean time if you'd like to check it out:

Hope you are having a lovely day!